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    The Project Division of Infinity specialises in the design and consultancy for any type of architectural project. “Tailor-made” applications are fitted to the needs of customers, architects and industry professionals.

    Complete competency and in-depth experience is ensured by our experts who will always find concrete and punctual solutions for the project requirements and after-sales assistance.

    Ventilated façade


    Infinity offers various ventilated façade systems. The professionals of the Project Division offer an in-house service of planning aimed at optimising the aesthetic choices in relation to the technical performance required.

    This combination comes from studying the architectural design and is developed through an analysis of various façade system components:

    • Infinity cladding panel
    • ventilated cavity
    • thermal-insulating layer
    • façade structure
    • building structure


    Ventilated façades are a highly sustainable system, aimed to increase the energy performance of buildings.

    The ventilated system works with the thermal insulation layers to minimise consumption linked to the cooling of interior areas, to improve indoor comfort, to disperse moisture from the walls behind and to protect them from bad weather.


    The UNI 11018 standards define the ventilated façade as a type of rain screen barrier where the cavity between the siding and the wall is designed in such a way that the air within it can flow naturally thanks to the principal called “chimney effect”, which notably improves the overall thermal-energy performance of the building.

    The advantages of the infinity ventilated façade

    Up to 30% improved energy efficiency

    The Infinity ventilated façades are an investment for the building that is easily offset considering the energy savings it brings


    The useful life of the façade can be compared to that of the building itself, and it does not require specific maintenance

    Sustainable and efficient

    Sustainability and efficiency are guaranteed thanks to the lowered energy consumption and zero costs in maintenance


    The systems with mechanical anchoring exclusively use non-combustible materials

    Moisture protection

    The ventilation within the cavity wall helps disperse the interstitial moisture of the exterior wall assemblies

    Protection from weather

    The cladding slabs are not subject to any kind of deterioration caused by weathering and at the same time protect the layers behind, extending their useful life


    The ventilated façade is a guarantee of thermal-hygroscopic comfort and acoustic insulation

    Absence of cracks or crazing

    Infinity ventilated façades are designed to permit all kinds of thermal dilation between the materials. Furthermore, cladding raised off the wall surface avoids all types of efflorescence

    Architectural inspiring

    Thanks to the vast selection of colours and finishes, Infinity makes for punctual and high-performing architectural projects


    All ceramic and metallic components are recyclable and during their life cycle, which is longer than the average for construction materials, they do not emit VOC or other harmful substances


    The ventilated façade system is easy to apply to existing buildings, improving appearance and energy performance

    Complete design freedom

    Infinity slabs are produced using the highest quality standards and, thanks to their size, they lend themselves for use in all types of residential and non-residential construction

    Types of ventilated façade

    Infinity offers two categories of Ventilated Façade based on the thickness of the slab used:


    Hybrid chemical/mechanical anchorage system


    Purely mechanical anchorage system

    Ventilated Façade with 6mm Infinity slabs

    The 1600x3200mm Infinity slabs with 6mm thickness allow for the creation of ventilated façades with a huge reduction in the weight of the system. The reduced thickness of the slab is not suited to purely mechanical fixing, therefore the proposed systems use chemical adhesives to improve the wind resistance of the façade.

    This stage can be done in three different ways:

    Furthermore, mechanical safety brackets are always used in combination with this kind of anchorage. The chemical adhesives require a great deal of care in the application phase and, for this reason, the Infinity systems prefabricate this bonding phase at the manufacturing plant, checking that it meets all the application protocol standards.

    Project Division

    Prefabrication on aluminium vertical profile

    Using specific chemical adhesives, the Infinity slabs are pre-assembled onto aluminium profiles that have been specifically shaped to house concealed mechanical brackets and vertical supports that guarantee the safety of the system in all environmental conditions.

    Project Division

    Prefabrication onto panel

    The stoneware slab is pre-assembled by gluing and pressing it onto a panel made up with a modified polymer “core” and by a steel sheet. The final thickness of 18mm makes it suited to the construction of angular elements and monoliths for stunning architectural and aesthetic impact.

    Facciata Venjhtilata

    Prefabrication on an aluminium frame: closed-joint system

    The system is notable for its appealing aesthetics, achieved thanks to the ability of closing all the spaces between the Infinity slabs. The cladding panels are pre-assembled at the manufacturing plant onto an aluminium framework that increases their resistance and allows them to be fixed to the wall.

    Ventilated Façade with 12mm Infinity slabs

    Purely mechanical hanging systems can be adopted when using the Infinity slabs with a 12 mm thickness. These offer the best performance in terms of safety and durability of the façade.

    Facciata Venjhtilata

    Conical undercut anchorage

    Infinity slabs are designed and drilled at the manufacturing plant using special cutters that generate slots on the back of the slabs, with conical section. The anchorage to the structure on site is done using inserts that expand within the slots but don’t generate any tension and stress within the body of the slab. This system is completely mechanical, which makes it easy to package and transport and, furthermore, guarantees the usual Infinity installation in any environmental situation.

    Glued façade

    The use of ceramic materials directly onto the wall, both inside and outside is particularly common worldwide.

    Infinity slabs are suitable for this use and offer
    significant benefits and added value to the building

    Weight reduction

    Less than 16 kg/m² dead weight

    Easy installation

    Easy installation and reduced costs compared to other types of cladding systems


    Weather protection for the building


    No deterioration suffered over time from weather conditions


    No façade maintenance

    Great aesthetic potential

    Vast range of colours and finishes large and scale format able to cover the buildings’ interfloor gap

    Technical flooring
    for interiors

    Project Division


    Sub-sized Infinity slabs obtained by cutting (160×160 cm, 160×80 cm, 80×80 cm) can be supplied for specific projects with engineered finish. This finish allows the installation of our slabs onto a pre-existing floor or onto a levelled floor without the use of glue or sealant.

    Laying this type of new floor is exceptionally quick, immediately usable, non-invasive, reversible and reusable.

    It is particularly recommended for shops and all kinds of office types, but it is not recommended for use within residential settings or inside bathrooms.

    Project Division


    The use of technical raised floors is becoming increasingly widespread now that modern workplaces require flexible spaces with easy installation in terms of facilities.

    Thanks to the raised flooring system interior layout’s and predisposition of facilities can be reorganised according to contextual requirements and without limitations. Furthermore, all types of under floor maintenance are made easy.

    Infinity offers a solution that allows for installation of large-scale slabs even for this purpose, dividing the panel between its structural and finishing parts.