Commercial Applications

Ventilated Façade

The ventilated façade in porcelain stoneware is a high-performance solution in many respects. In fact, it is a particularly advantageous building cladding system from various points of view, as it ensures: energy savings, better cleanliness of the environment, maintenance of its technical and aesthetic performance, ease of renovation and protection from water.


Glued Façade

The use of Infinity slabs directly onto the wall, both inside and outside is a popular choice. Light weight, easy to install and durable enough to protect against natural elements, glued facades offer the perfect cladding solution.


The Infinity slabs can also be used for creating outdoor furnishings, even matching any outdoor cladding of the building. The surfaces do not suffer from any problems linked to atmospheric temperature changes and guarantee ease of ordinary cleaning even if exposed to the weather.


Hotel interiors need to send a strong message of high-quality service and beautiful aesthetics. From lobbies to the spa-like bathrooms, the first impression of a hotel is crucial for the end-user, and it needs to be able to speak to a variety of different people. Infinity Surfaces elevated hotel design around the world!


The ultimate kitchen and dining experience is found in world-class restaurants. You don’t get a more high-traffic area than this, which calls for the highest quality surface that ensures durability, hygiene, heat resistance and easy cleaning. And of course, all note-worthy restaurants need to be visual trend-setters, calling on Infinity innovative designs to bring them to life.