Meet Magellano – A Warm & Welcoming NEW Colour

Infinity Surfaces has launched six new colours for 2023 to delight and inspire. Meet the main characters of the collection whose unique look and rich hues will kick start your creativity for a dream space wrapped in striking shades and finishes. Magellano brings warmth and richness to your home with its neutral colour palette and bold block-like patterning.

The Magellano Story

Magellano serves bold confidence while maintaining a charming and approachable nature. Warm and welcoming, blocks of brown disrupt a creamy beige base, brought together with rusty orange and black traces. A natural beauty whose appeal lies in imperfection.

Style Notes

Inspired by Brazilian Patagonia granite, Magellano maintains the natural drama of its muse with block-like patterning and chunks of organic shapes in earthy tones. With all the beauty of granite and the modern benefits of engineered stone, Magellano is the perfect balance of form and function. This refreshing stone lends itself to light and bright spaces or where warmth and light are required to lighten a darker area.

Weave Magellano into Your Design Story

Crafted from premium raw materials using a highly specialised manufacturing process, Infinity Surfaces Magellano offers the best aesthetics and practicality to produce a beautiful granite-inspired surface. It is easy to clean, heat resistant, and durable – making it a popular choice for various home designs.

Countertops: Magellano brings an organic outdoors-in feel to your kitchen or bathroom. Use it as a striking surface complemented by warm wood tones and modern stainless steel hardware. Alternatively, utilise gold-tone fittings to bring out the rusty orange streaks in this beautiful stone.

Accent Wall: Use Magellano’s light and fresh feel to invigorate a room in the form of an accent wall or sophisticated bar counter and wall feature. Continue into the flooring for a cohesive look that makes a statement.

Tabletop: Stimulate creativity and encourage productivity with Magellano as the surface of your working space or boardroom table with its luxurious polished sheen that brings a touch of sophistication to the occasion.

Flooring: Magellano is stunning in outdoor spaces like patios and pool decks. It is resistant to weather and can withstand the elements, making it a durable choice for outdoor use.

Supporting Cast

Magellano’s warmth is balanced by the neutral grey and fine texture of Milan Stone. This natural-toned stone works for traditional design projects and finishes, as well as contemporary concepts that push the boundaries.

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