Kerry McGregor’s Cape Town Oasis: A Masterful Showcase of Infinity Surfaces

In the picturesque suburbia of Cape Town, Kerry McGregor, an interior aficionado, mom, and wife, embraced the renovation process and created a gorgeous home destined for the front cover of a magazine, seems rather fitting we’d like to think! With an innate sense of style and commitment to creating beautiful spaces, Kerry turned to Infinity Surfaces to redefine her kitchen, bar area, and entertainment space.

A Kitchen Marvel: Infinity Surfaces Calacatta Magnifico Takes Centre Stage

Designed by Winelands Design Studio, the kitchen welcomes you in with a sense of openness where Infinity Surfaces Calacatta Magnifico, with its gold and grey accents, unifies the kitchen island, backsplash, and floating shelves. Here family and friends gather to create memories and indulge in the art of cooking.

Images courtesy of Winelands Design Studio featuring Infinity Surfaces Calacatta Magnifico.

Natural light floods the kitchen from the cleverly-placed windows that also frame the mountains behind the property. The veins in the Calacatta Magnifico dance in harmony with the sun’s rays, creating an ethereal ambience.

Images courtesy of Winelands Design Studio featuring Infinity Surfaces Calacatta Magnifico.

Unleashing Elegance: Calacatta Hermitage in the Bar Area

Kerry’s home doesn’t stop at the kitchen; but continues into a space where entertainment meets opulence. The sexy wall cladding, featuring Infinity Surfaces Calacatta Hermitage, serves as a backdrop for cocktails and glasses of bubbly. It’s not just a place for libations though; it also serves as a testament to Kerry’s commitment to infusing glamour into every corner of her home.

Entertainment Hub: Infinity Surfaces Concrete Grey TV Unit

Kerry’s living space showcases a TV unit crafted from Infinity Surfaces Concrete Grey, which acts as a neutral backdrop. This allows her to experiment with various décor pieces and colour palettes as the years unfold and new trends emerge.

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Conclusion: A Cape Town Home Redefined

With Infinity Surfaces as her trendy companion, Kerry has curated a symphony of Calacatta Magnifico, Calacatta Hermitage, and Concrete Grey. Each surface showcases the versatility of the material – not only when it comes to the colours on offer, but also the varied installation options. Kerry’s journey reminds us that our homes have the potential to tell a creative story through freedom of creativity and expression.

Fabricator: Continua