Colour Focus | Six New Infinity Surfaces’ Colours Now Available!

Infinity Surfaces has released six new colours to the South African market, namely SC02 Absolute Black, CE01 Concrete Light, ME03 Metal Corten, ME01 Metal Silver, OC03 Ocean Blue, and MB08 Pulpis Brown. These fresh new designs offer a wide variety for homeowners, designers, and architects to use in their design projects. Continue reading to delve into each of them and get inspired…

SC02 Absolute Black 

Absolute Black offers the most intense and purest black tones for an elegant and alluring atmosphere. Achieve a dramatic look and feel anywhere in your home when you design with Absolute Black.

Infinity Surfaces_Absolute Black_Kitchen Island
Infinity Surfaces_Absolute Black_Kitchen Trends

CE01 Concrete Light 

Concrete Light is a light grey countertop surface with a soft, cloudy texture look. This surface works well applied as exterior cladding across large areas, as feature cladding around a fireplace or bath surrounds, or anywhere you want to elevate your design scheme with an urban touch.

Infinity Surfaces_Concrete Light_Modern Kitchen Design

ME03 Metal Corten

Metal Corten is a work of art with dark tones of red and brown. Inspired by red oxide, Metal Corten offers a metallic, deconstructed ‘urban decay’ aesthetic to any design scheme. From exterior cladding to contemporary kitchen cabinetry and cutting-edge reception desks, there’s no place you can’t apply this striking surfacing.

Infinity Surfaces_Metal Corten_Staircase Cladding

ME01 Metal Silver 

Metal Silver has a metallic wood look featuring various shades of greys with a strong flowing movement.  Add a textured, urban chic look and feel to your design scheme with Metal Silver, no matter how you apply it.

Infinity Surfaces_Metal Silver_Fireplace Design
Infinity Surfaces_Metal Silver_Modern Interiors

OC03 Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue is inspired by a rare variant of a natural quartzite and simulates the waves in the ocean. It brings an exclusive touch to any application. Channel the Renaissance masters when you apply Ocean Blue to your interior surfaces and create a truly magnificent ambience in any area of your commercial or residential space.

Infinity Surfaces_Ocean Blue_Modern Bathroom
Infinity Surfaces_Ocean Blue_Modern Kitchen Island

MB08 Pulpis Brown

Pulpis Brown is a dark brown countertop with a mixture of white and beige veins. From flooring to wall cladding, this rich chocolate surface is ideal for retail, commercial, and residential applications.

Infinity Surfaces_Pulpis Brown_Decor Furniture
Infinity Surfaces_Pulpis Brown_Porcelain Slab

Want to keep the inspiration flowing? Watch our colour launch video below and take a closer look at these gorgeous, innovative slabs!

With unlimited design possibilities, and the ability to use these surfaces in outdoor and indoor applications, Infinity Surfaces is available in large-scale slabs. Bring your surface dreams to life and contact us today! We’ll help you find your nearest installer to get a quote!