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The kitchen is the place that we are most at home in, where our imagination and freedom find their best expression.

Infinity provides the perfect frame for your kitchen. Thanks to the innovative large-scale surfaces, uniformity of design and elegance of details, Infinity will ensure that you cook and enjoy your meals with friends and family always within the best standards of hygiene and comfort thanks to their technical characteristics.

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Just like a specially tailored garment, Infinity finds perfect applications as interior and furniture cladding. The reduced weight and the ease with which it can be processed make it suitable for tables, counters, doors, fireplaces and many other uses.

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With nearly zero porosity, simple and intuitive maintenance and a rich repertoire of colours and finishes, Infinity is the ideal option for your counter, basin, flooring or shower walls. The keywords are tonal continuity and balance.

Your bathroom, a place for cleanliness, personal care and relaxation will take on new importance and value thanks to the large Infinity slabs.

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The Infinity slabs can also be used for creating outdoor furnishings, even matching any outdoor cladding of the building. The surfaces do not suffer from any problems linked to atmospheric temperature changes and guarantee ease of ordinary cleaning even if exposed to the weather.

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Ventilated Façade

The ventilated façade in porcelain stoneware is a high-performance solution in many respects. In fact, it is a particularly advantageous building cladding system from various points of view, as it ensures: energy savings, better cleanliness of the environment, maintenance of its technical and aesthetic performance, ease of renovation and protection from water.

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