Meet Sahara Noir – Embrace Your Bold & Moody Side

Infinity Surfaces has launched six new colours for 2023 to delight and inspire. Meet Sahara Noir, one of the main characters whose unique look and rich hues will kick-start your creativity for a dream space wrapped in striking shades and finishes.

For those who love a little drama, Sahara Noir brings a bold moodiness to your space with its intense style and dramatic veining.

The Sahara Noir Story

Sahara Noir is unafraid to embrace the dark side. Deep and mysterious to outsiders, those close to her can appreciate the depth of her true beauty. Rich gold and white veins elevate a pitch-black facade to show that there is more to her than meets the eye. A unique beauty that is bold and straightforward, she brings a dynamic energy to everything she does.

Style Notes

Inspired by the black marble of Tunisia, Sahara Noir features all the beauty of marble and the modern benefits of engineered stone, the perfect balance of form and function. This striking stone lends itself to dark and moody spaces as an anchoring main surface or a statement accent piece.

Weave Sahara Noir into your Design

Crafted from premium raw materials using a highly specialised manufacturing process, Infinity Surfaces Sahara Noir offers the best of both – aesthetics and practicality meet to produce a beautiful marble-inspired slab. It’s easy to clean, heat resistant, and durable making it a popular choice for home design.

Countertops: Sahara Noir makes a striking statement in kitchens and bathrooms. It offers a fresh and modern feel when paired with matte black hardware and shines when its golden veining pairs with copper or brass fittings. It is durable and easy to maintain, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

Flooring: Add a luxurious touch to any room with tiles or slabs in a dark colour like Sahara Noir, creating a cohesive look throughout your home or as a focal point in a specific area.

Accent pieces: Bold Sahara Noir works beautifully as an accent piece. Bookend it for a statement fireplace, backsplash, or accent wall. You can even get creative with customised tabletops and freestanding designs. The only limit is your imagination!

Outdoor spaces: Sahara Noir is stunning in outdoor areas like patios and pool decks. It is resistant to weather and can withstand the elements, making it a durable choice for outdoor use.

Supporting Cast

Sahara Noir plays nicely with Concrete Black and Metal Silver to create a cohesive look that compliments and elevates the unique characteristics of each piece.

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