Meet Royal Peacock – Explore Your Rich & Regal Side

Infinity Surfaces has launched six new colours for 2023 to delight and inspire. Meet the main characters of the collection, whose unique looks and rich hues will kick start your creativity for a dream space wrapped in exciting shades and finishes. Like the striking tail of the majestic bird, Royal Peacock lends a regal touch to your project with earthy gem-tones and fluidlike patterning that brings movement and interest to your space.

The Royal Peacock Story

Royal Peacock is sophisticated and worldly, featuring a deep and rich connection to the earth. Complexity adds to her allure for a lasting impression. A captivating blend of greens, browns, and grey – with hints of teal – in fluid, linear patterns alive makes for an arresting sight.

Style Notes

Inspired by green Brazilian marble, Infinity Surfaces Royal Peacock blends the rich tropical hues of the rain forest with the teals and sheen of majestic peacock feathers. Alive with flowing lines and strong surface movement, Royal Peacock insists on making a statement in design features like accent walls or large surfaces. With all the beauty of marble and the modern benefits of engineered stone, Sahara Noir is the perfect balance of form and function.

Weave Royal Peacock into your Design

Crafted from premium raw materials using a highly specialised manufacturing process, Infinity Surfaces Royal Peacock offers the best of both as aesthetics and practicality come together to produce a beautiful marble-inspired slab made for living. It’s easy to clean, heat resistant, and durable – making it a popular choice for home design.

Countertops: Radiant yet understated, green hues immediately add a glowing sophistication to any room. From a striking bathroom makeover to a kitchen remodel, Royal Peacock maintains an air of the classic, especially when paired with brass fittings and timeless white, black, and grey tones.

Flooring: Embrace the rich greens of Royal Peacock as a bold flooring option. Its organic fluid lines bring a relaxing ambience to your space and set the mood for surrounding decor choices.

Accent Pieces: Embrace the emerald green design trend by incorporating Royal Peacock into a statement tabletop or book-matched for a dramatic accent wall.

Outdoor Places: Royal Peacock’s nature-inspired colours soar in natural light. Create a picture-perfect swimming pool or outdoor flooring feature with this beautiful surface.

Supporting Cast

The strong patterning and statement colours of Royal Peacock sit beautifully alongside more subdued stones like Calacatta Oro. Gold-toned hardware complements its green colouring that works in both traditional designs and modern settings.

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