Explore Infinity Surfaces’ NEW Colours in our Virtual Showroom!

Infinity Surfaces are on trend and in vogue, and we have officially launched 6 NEW COLOURS to prove it! Meet the main characters of the 2023 collection and experience fresh feels, new looks, and trendy hues. Just like Kerry McGregor, these colours will kickstart your creativity – wrapping your dream space in shades and finishes that are perfectly in line with the latest interior design trends.

Infinity Surfaces is perfectly engineered for both outdoor and indoor use, in a variety of applications. Everything from countertops to wall cladding, flooring, ventilated facades, furniture design, and fireplaces. The possibilities are infinite! It’s no surprise, then, that Infinity Surfaces is a firm favourite amongst kitchen designers, architects, and interior specialists.

Enter Infinity Surfaces’ virtual showroom and watch the FULL video to envision and experience all 6 colours!

Watch the full video here:

Get to know the new colours a little bit better:

MB17 Calacatta Hermitage:

Inspired by highly sought-after Italian Calacatta Gold Marble, Calacatta Hermitage boasts a crisp white backdrop with thick, dramatic veins in a neutral taupe shade that features bolts of darker grey and bright gold.

OC04 Magellano:

Magellano serves a creamy beige base that’s disrupted by blocks of brown, brought together with traces of rusty orange and black. Inspired by Brazilian Patagonia granite, Magellano maintains the natural drama of its muse with block-like patterning and chunks of organic shapes in earthy tones.

MB18 Panda White:

Panda White is ideal for bringing a luxurious feel to your design project and making a statement with a dramatic intensity that oozes style. Streaks of black and white bring to mind the mesmerising patterning of an African zebra with an animalistic intensity, giving off an attention-grabbing allure.

MB20 Royal Peacock:

Royal Peacock is sophisticated and worldly with a deep and rich connection to the earth, alive with fluid movement. Complexity adds to its allure that leaves a lasting impression. A captivating blend of natural tones including greens, browns, and greys – with hints of teal – in striking linear patterns makes for an arresting sight.

MB10 Sahara Noir:

For those who love a little drama in their lives, Sahara Noir brings a bold, moodiness to your space with its intense style and dramatic veining. Inspired by the black marble of Tunisia, Sahara Noir offers a pitch-black backdrop with rich gold and white veins throughout in a grid-like linear pattern.

OC05 Thunderstorm:

Let Thunderstorm breathe life into your design project with its clouds of crisp white, and swirls of fresh cerulean blue balanced with earthy brown-toned blooms. Thunderstorm is a complex beauty with a mystical quality. The blue and white formations are reminiscent of stormy ocean waves crashing on pebbled beaches.