Discover Thunderstorm – Striking & Mystical

Meet the main characters of the collection whose unique look and rich hues will kick start your creativity for a dream space wrapped in striking shades and finishes. Let Infinity Surfaces Thunderstorm breathe life into your design project with its clouds of crisp white, and swirls of fresh cerulean blue balanced with earthy brown-toned blooms. 

The Thunderstorm Story

Thunderstorm is a complex beauty with a mystical quality. Introspective and pensive with bright and brilliant moments, her blue and white formations are reminiscent of stormy ocean waves crashing on pebbled beaches. Strong and sure, she embraces her innate qualities and celebrates imperfections as part of her natural allure and unique appeal.

Style Notes

Inspired by the juxtaposition of beauty and power in a gathering storm cloud, Thunderstorm offers a crisp white backdrop with striking cerulean blue veining and blooms, interspersed with rock-like brown-toned formations. With all the beauty of marble and the modern benefits of engineered stone, Thunderstorm is the perfect balance of style and function. This fresh stone lends itself to modern, clean spaces as a signature colour that will stand out as a main surface or striking accent piece.

Weave Thunderstorm into your Design

Crafted from premium raw materials using a highly specialised manufacturing process, Infinity Surfaces Thunderstorm offers you the best, where aesthetics and practicality meet to produce a beautiful natural stone-inspired slab made for living. It’s easy to clean, heat resistant, and durable, making it a popular choice for home design.

Kitchen Countertops: Thunderstorm makes for a striking alternative for those seeking a step up from neutral shades. Embrace the vibrant blue hues by creating an unforgettable centrepiece for your kitchen and living space. Take it one step further with a modern geometric design that catches the eye and anchors the room.

Accent Wall: Eye-catching Thunderstorm offers an elegant take for an accent wall in a bathroom or living room. Bookend it to create a striking pattern that celebrates each vein and bloom.

Custom Surfaces: Make meetings memorable with a custom-designed tabletop using Thunderstorm. Elevate the natural look of the stone with organic shapes wrapped in brushed brass to elevate the earthy golden tones in the patterning.

Flooring: Create a stunning entryway or outdoor area with Thunderstorm as your guide. Be inspired by its dreamlike swirls and stormy colourway.

Supporting Cast

Thunderstorm plays nicely with polished brass hardware in modern spaces because it complements and elevates its vibrant blue tones and natural beauty.

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