Bathroom Design with Infinity Surfaces’ Slabs

With technology at our fingertips comes a wealth of inspiration and design ideas, leaving little to no excuse to not finding something that resonates with you. And with the bathroom being an investment area when it comes to renovating, it’s something you want to perfect the first-time round. Keep reading to explore some of our favourite bathrooms using Infinity Surfaces’ slabs – and we’ll get you into the swing of creating your dream space!

Bathroom Design with Porcelain Slabs

Nothing says opulence like a porcelain-clad bathroom! Typically, a smaller area in the home, people have now started to expand this space into a larger sanctuary. Using porcelain such as Infinity Surfaces is the perfect way to bring in a contemporary and fresh feeling to the space. It’s also a good way to keep the space timeless so you don’t have to renovate often.

Trending across interior design, well thought out bathroom installations have become a definitive statement of design luxury. Being non-porous and durable, Infinity Surfaces not only offers a variety of aesthetics, but also surfaces that will stand the test of time.

Infinity Surfaces_Metal Silver_Bathroom Design

Classic Bathrooms: Calacatta Oro

Marble will always be a popular choice when creating a classic bathroom. Calacatta Oro offers classic marble veining but with touches of gold amongst the grey. The consistency in this design makes for a continuous and soft flow on your countertops as well as wall/vanity cladding that will not date.

Infinity Surfaces_Calacatta Oro_Bathroom Vanity

Trending Bathrooms: Crystal Ice

Gone are the days of having to select your grout colour and tile size – large-scale Infinity Surfaces porcelain slabs create seamless walls with few join lines. This is a jaw-dropping wall cladding installation featuring Crystal Ice Infinity porcelain. By using a limited amount of material in the design, this bathroom becomes a feature piece in the home.

Infinity Surfaces_Crystal Ice_Modern Bathroom

Striking Bathrooms: Ocean Blue

If you’re going to cover your bathroom in Infinity Surfaces’ porcelain from top to toe, this is the way to do it. The designer has cleverly contrasted the brilliance of Ocean Blue with crisp finishes to not overwhelm the space. The white, modern bathtub stands as an anchor, allowing the Ocean Blue to stand as a stunning feature wall.

Infinity Surfaces_Ocean Blue_Striking Bathroom

Modern Bathrooms: Concrete Grey

From the walls to the floors, we all know that porcelain is a popular choice for flooring, and Infinity large-scale slabs are no different. Seen here is our industrial Concrete Grey utilised for the bathroom and shower flooring. It’s built up with a simplistic lip to ensure drainage flows correctly. Modern bathrooms allow for us to be creative with mixing materials, and as you can see, bringing in a natural wood finish works well even though it’s not an obvious choice.

Infinity Surfaces_Concrete Grey_Bathroom Trends

With unlimited design possibilities, and the ability to use these surfaces in outdoor and indoor applications, Infinity Surfaces is available in large-scale slabs. Bring your surface dreams to life and contact us today! We’ll help you find your nearest installer to get a quote!